Constituency Office Rennovation

In 2020, only weeks before the General Elections, our constituency office was maliciously burnt down.  The absence of a Constituency Office has dulled the spirits of the Comrades over the years. However, we are committed to it’s full restoration before the end of the summer of 2023 so that our beacon can be reignited and our hopes of retaking the constituency for the People’s National Party may be restored and realized! On September 2, 2023 we will be having the Grand Official Reopening by the Comrade Leader and party Leadership. We are truly grateful to all of of our stalwart comrades and leaders, including Comrade Leader Mark Golding, Cdes Paul Stewart, Manley Bowen, James Walshe,  Dr. Fenton Ferguson and the many others who have made their contributions in cash, kind and handwork. And we will be forever grateful to you for the contribution that you will make to ensure the realization of this goal.

Thank you for your support to my Candidacy, your Party and your Country!

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